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Alixir was developed by Russian scientists. The product was released in the form of a lotion, to help in eliminating the problems of baldness and hair loss. Alixir - a product created on the basis of natural ingredients, without any chemical additives, was formulated for hair lovers. Strengthens hair, combats hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair.


Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil has the properties of nutrition and hair restoration, thanks to the content of many useful vitamins and microelements.Grape oil consists of nine vitamins, such as: E, A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12 and C, which abundantly saturate the roots of hair. In addition, it contains such useful for hair micro and macro elements, as: potassium, sodium, calcium, iron. The most important component that restores the structure of hair is linoleic acid. Grape seed oil is very quickly absorbed and does not leave a feeling of fatty hair.

Horse chestnut Oil

Horse chestnut oil due to the content of tannins, strengthens the hair follicles, thereby protecting hair from falling out. Vitamins, fatty oils and saponins that make up the plant give the hair a shine and a healthy appearance. The content of flavonoids, escil, vitamin E, group B, tannins, fatty oil, saturates hair with nutrients, increases the volume and thickness of hair, prevents their loss and actively stimulates hair growth. Horse chestnut oil also regulates the fatiness of the scalp, helps to get rid of dandruff.

Carnation oil

Carnation oil has been used in cosmetology for a long time, and its use is due to excellent properties for restoring the structure of the hair and scalp. Stimulant properties of essential oil cloves contribute to the inflow of blood to the surface of the scalp, which saturates the hair follicles with useful substances and creates good conditions for their growth and shine. In addition, carnation essential oil perfectly copes with the healing of various wounds and scalp injuries. Being an excellent natural antimicrobial agent, oil helps to eliminate the problems associated with inflammatory processes, which are often accompanied by excessive fatness of hair at the roots and dandruff.

Calendula Oil

Calendula is one of the most ancient medicinal plants, the medicinal properties of which were actively used by the ancient Greeks. Calendula is famous for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and healing properties. The high content of biological flavonoids and tannins in calendula, namely - in its flowers - is a weighty argument for the use of extracts and oils from this plant in folk and traditional medicine. Carotenes and pectins make up most of the calendula oil. These substances are very important in the care of skin and hair. Calendula oil strengthens hair, accelerates their growth, thickens hair and gives them shine and a rich tint.

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